First in Italy in the production of technical software in the topographical and cadastral sectors, TOPOPROGRAM has gained a vast experience over the years of work in special topographic surveys.


We are passionate and specialised in high precision software production for the performing of topographic surveys for photogrammetry by drone, 3D, and 2D façade surveys.
With  IMMAGINA, our software for the photogrammetry by drone, you can make exact and precise surveys of small and large terrain extensions or explore unfeasible areas in less than thirty minutes.
With  VERA, the Earth Photogrammetry Software, you will get a 3D and 2D model of the building façades with a few photographic shots.

Who we are

Our slogan says everything: “OUR BEST INSTRUMENT IS OUR  PEOPLE”.
Our mission: Putting attention into the professional growth of the customer, colleague, partner.
What we do: Production and sale of technical software, special topographic surveys.
Our production and services: TOPOPROGRAM has been consolidated for over 25 years in Italy for the production of high-level technical software (linked to the topographical and cadastral sectors) and for the great professionalism of its team in the special topographic surveys.
The cutting edge of the software industry is TABULA 2000, the most complete software for the cadastral topography sector, which marked the success of the TOPOPROGRAM (Pino Mangione, TOPOPROGRAM ’s CEO, had gained the nickname as “surveyor with boots”) thanks to the composition of simplicity in the usage and the great potential.
From there, many other software were born to provide surveyors, engineers, architects, and many other freelancers with tools whom progressively increase their professionalism, offering the opportunity to work less and earn more, which translated into a single term equals to “smile“!
Our tools: The excellent professional level of our staff is joined by modern equipment, both for computer systems (such as hardware and software at the forefront), and topographic (such as precision electro-optical instrumentation and satellite systems) that able to allow saving time and achieving optimal results and giving a high quality job results.

Our strength comes from YOU

The grounds of everything…
Our group was born from the common passion for what we do, and sharing of fundamental values ​​on which the TOPOPROGRAM aims to grow and to make grow those who believe in it.
Everyday, with the highest dedication possible, we try to offer the possibility to help for those who are already professionals, and the possibility of becoming a professional for those who are not yet.
Everday we devote ourselves to the needs of our customers, colleagues, and friends, trying to be as effective and responsive as possible.
What motivates us is to give the best to achieve our goals, what encourages us is to make the difference. What makes us proud of the work we do is to see the satisfaction of our clients.