It is the utmost solution for drone topography.
Measuring small or large ground extents has never been so immediate and easy.
With IMMAGINA, you can get a topographic survey even less than thirty minutes.

Today the topography is done from the highest level possible. Here you can find five reasons why you should do it now:

  • Because if you are reading this now it means you have already decided to do it

  • To be the first in your area of expertise once again

  • Because today, it is necessary to stand out with difference so you will not fade away in the sector

  • To find new customers and increase your profit

  • To be a key player once again and enhance your professional skills


How does it work? In 5 steps:

  • You will define on Google Earth the area to be detected and the software will plan the whole mission on the APR

  • Automatic execution of the plan of flight and necessary picture shots collection

  • Downloading photos on the PC and processing photogrammetric until obtaining the orthophoto mosaics and the point cloud

  • Realising all topography works just working on your PC, deciding which points to pulse, choosing the real DTM and eliminating elements such as trees roofs etc., creating dimensioned plans, with discontinuity lines, profiles and such

  • Give your client both standard topographic works as scaled orthomosaics dimensioned plane, contour lines, profiles, sections and such but also the cloud file, orthomosaic in scale, 3D model in BIM format and/or GIS, 3D printing file


What we can offer:

  • All our experience and knowhow within our reference sector

  • Nowadays many similar technicians perform the same activity. This fact leads you to enhanced professionalism and profit

  • With IMMAGINA, you can distinguish yourself from competitors and acquire new, qualified customers

  • IMMAGINA is an integrated system, which allows you to perform topographic activities and getting trustworthy measurements that you personally selected


There are a many, which cannot be listed all here however, as a starting point in order to understand its huge potential:

  • The Classic Photogrammetry

  • Quick Punctual topography of small and large areas

  • Volume Calculation for quarries and Dumps

  • Land Surveying for general projects or civil works such as roads, canals, lots, urban expansion, and execution

  • Land Surveys on inaccessible areas

  • Geological surveys

  • Landslides and Monitoring

  • Land check and verification after natural events such as fire, flood, storms, earthquakes, etc

  • Photography for inspections on inaccessible areas

  • Professional videos

  • Photographic documentation for appraisals and causes